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Pregnancy loss is experienced every minute for someone in our society. It is no respecter of persons. It knows no bounds of race, socio-economic status, political or religious affiliation, or family structure. Miscarriage or still birth not only affects the mother and father suffering the loss, but also, the support system surrounding them.

One moment you are pregnant and the next you are not, leaving many unable to cope with the emotions and pain of the loss they are now experiencing. Once filled with hopes and dreams, parents are now crushed under the weight of grief and inexplicable guilt. Some experiencing loss from an unplanned or complicated pregnancy, are now left hollow, numb, and confused creating emotional turmoil. Every experience is different yet tied together with the common thread of pregnancy loss.

Co-parents often feel powerless to help each other while dealing with their own emotions surrounding the loss. Grandparents, siblings, family members, and friends also impacted by the sudden end of a pregnancy often bury their own thoughts and feelings while trying to help parents deal with their loss.

And for most, they have a no gravesite or memorial to visit and honor their lost loved one. It is incredibly challenging to say goodbye and move forward without having a place of mourning and remembrance.

Sacramento Memorial Garden is designed to be that place of solitude and healing by providing a place to remember those tiny lives and grieve the loss of the pregnancy. There is comfort in knowing that Sacramento is there for you to honor your child’s life by offering memorial services and the Remembrance Wall.

Help and Resources Available

National Memorial for the Unborn