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New Hope Memorial Garden Services

A common thread throughout our world is to memorialize someone who has died often through a ceremony. A memorial service is a ceremony chosen when there is no body present, honoring the person deceased through dignity and simplicity.

Sacramento Memorial Garden offers a place of remembrance through Memorial Services and our Remembrance Wall.

Mothers and fathers who experience grief and loss due to abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth can find a memorial service an important part of their healing. For many, a ceremony is a special way to honor the baby's life while starting the journey of putting lives back together again. Holding a memorial service also offers help to family and friends who understand the baby as a beloved member of a family and who will be greatly missed.

In cases of abortion, a memorial service is the recognition of a life lost and a connection to the child is established. Many men and women name their child, write letters and present other meaningful ways of connection. A ceremony is often not an activity of closure, but one of new beginnings and hope.

Help and Resources Available

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