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Who We Are

Our mission at the Sacramento Memorial Garden is to glorify the Lord through a peaceful garden to honor and memorialize the lives of aborted, miscarried and the stillborn while offering a place of remembrance and solace for parents, loved ones and the greater community.

The purpose of the memorial garden is to meet several needs:

  • Honor the lives of the unborn
  • Offer a place for reflection for those who are grieving, including extended family
  • Foster hope, healing and forgiveness
  • Offer a site for individuals, small groups, ministries and churches to hold memorial services
  • Give various groups and individuals opportunities to donate, serve and volunteer

Not only does our garden meet a physical need for remembrance, but we offer a means of outreach to the general community by listing local, statewide and national professional counseling, support groups and after abortion care information. 

We welcome you to Sacramento Memorial Garden.

Current Committee Members:
Pastor Jeff Axtell, Art Derby, Tanya Flores, Amy Scherschligt, and Lisa Swanson

Media & Press

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National Memorial for the Unborn