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The Sacramento Memorial Garden rests on the property of New Hope Christian Fellowship (NHCF) and is centrally located in the greater Sacramento area, near Interstate 80 and Greenback Lane.

If you or someone you know has experienced pregnancy loss and want to have their loved ones name etched on the wall of remembrance, please click here.


To bring the upmost dignity to our unborn, Sacramento Memorial Garden offers a Memorial Wall and Ramada dedicated for Memorial Services to the general public.

 Our landscape includes:

  • Small benches
  • A Ramada to provide protection from sun and rain
  • Meandering walkways
  • Landscape lighting
  • Floral landscaping including drought tolerant plants to minimize watering needs and maintenance
  • Memorial Wall for individualized engravings displaying the names of our unborn

We are honored to have the support of local contractors and professionals as they have given generously of their time and resources. If you would like to serve or donate to Sacramento Memorial Garden, please visit our donation and volunteer pages.

To ensure all have a peaceful visit to the Sacramento Memorial Garden, please abide by our Grounds Policy.


Our Soft Opening Ceremony

The soft opening of the Sacramento Memorial Garden for the Unborn on September 10, 2016 was a moving and healing event. Pastors and leaders came from all over the Sacramento region to bless and honor the work being done to establish a serene place to honor the unborn or stillborn. Representatives from different churches, counseling groups and pregnancy centers came together to dedicate the garden as a healing setting for those who have experienced pregnancy loss.
Pastor Jeff Axtell opened the ceremony in prayer and ended it with a tour of the memorial garden. The atmosphere surrounding the event was filled with both emotion and unity, culminating at the wall of remembrance where names of unborn or stillborn are etched on the granite wall. One man said, “I did not expect to feel so emotional. This was so moving.” He summed up what all of us experienced that morning in the tranquility of the memorial garden.

National Memorial for the Unborn

SMG testimony

Progress Update


We have completed the third phase of the Garden project and we continue to build our partnerships, relationships and donor base within the Greater Sacramento area and beyond. Interested in donating or becoming a partner? Click here to learn how.